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Christmas period

17 Jan 2018

Footfall and sales were in decline

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Raleigh turns best-selling bikes into limited edition Balance Bikes!

10 Jan 2018

Raleigh to launch limited edition Burner and Sherwood Balance Bikes
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'Conflicting messages' on safety stop children cycling to school

10 Jan 2018

Safety concerns putting parents off
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Small behavioural nudges get more people cycling, finds study

6 Dec 2017

Motivating more people to get on their bikes
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Innercycle - Mental Health, cycling, therapy and vocational qualifications

4 Dec 2017

We love how cycling makes us feel and we want to help others reconnect with themselves, to find meaning, purpose and direction.
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Christmas spending on the high street expected to fall for first time since 2012

22 Nov 2017

ONline sales set to rise but high street in decline

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People are walking less often but cycling further than ten years ago, say DfT stats

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The department for transport (DfT) has published ‘Walking and Cycling Statistics, England: 2016', presenting results relating to walking and cycling at a national level.

The National Travel Survey is conducted via a face-to-face interview and a 7 day self-completed written travel diary, by people in all age groups, including children.

DfTThe latest figures from the National Travel Survey (NTS) show that in 2016:

  • people walked less often but cycled further compared to 10 years ago
  • people made an average of 243 walking trips and 15 cycling trips
  • people walked an average of 198 miles and cycled an average of 53 miles

The DfT's local-level walking and cycling statistics are derived from the Active Lives Survey (ALS), an annual household survey which is administered by Sport England.

The latest figures from the ALS for the year ending mid-November 2016 show that:

  • 42% of adults walk for travel at least once a week
  • 12% cycle for any purpose at least once a week
  • both walking and cycling are more prevalent in the southern half of England

You can view the full DfT publication here .

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