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Innercycle - Mental Health, cycling, therapy and vocational qualifications

4 Dec 2017

We love how cycling makes us feel and we want to help others reconnect with themselves, to find meaning, purpose and direction.
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Christmas spending on the high street expected to fall for first time since 2012

22 Nov 2017

ONline sales set to rise but high street in decline

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74% of runners say running has improved their mental health

1 Nov 2017

Many runners claim that running helps them to manage mental health
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National Fishing Month sees 13,000 people try angling

17 Oct 2017

Set a new record this summer

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Celebrate National Map Reading Week this October

3 Oct 2017

Taking place 16th - 22nd October 2017
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New polymer 10 banknote enters circulation

18 Sep 2017

New note comes into circulation

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World car free day

18 Sep 2017

Sitch the car on 22nd September

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Cycling UK calls for greater public awareness of 'car dooring'

11 Sep 2017

Charity wants to promote 'dutch reach'

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Celebrate National Map Reading Week this October

Posted on in Outdoor News

This year's National Map Reading Week is to take place 16th - 22nd October 2017.

The initiative, launched by Ordnance Survey (OS), aims to encourage people to learn more about using maps to find new activities and get more from their time outdoors. OS will be publishing various articles, videos and content to encourage people of all ages and abilities to get involved.

Being able to read a map can open up a whole new world around you, they inspire adventure, they allow us to escape well-worn paths and explore moors and mountains with far more confidence, self-sufficiency and safety awareness. They give us freedom, they provide a blueprint in which to plan a journey and hold vital information about the physical environment ahead.

A map and compass should be the fundamental part of any adventurer's life, they're synonymous. Yet, through the rise of technology the art of map reading is being forgotten, with this once simple skill being replaced by smartphones and GPS devices that tend to focus on your immediate location, rather than the journey ahead.

National Map Reading Week aims to reinspire adventure, to teach children, teenagers and adults how to read maps and how they can get lost in the landscape, without ever actually getting lost! We want you to put down your smartphones, make map reading fun, to learn how to read contours, find grid references, use a compass, measure distance, break free, explore, have an adventure...

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