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Innercycle - Mental Health, cycling, therapy and vocational qualifications

4 Dec 2017

We love how cycling makes us feel and we want to help others reconnect with themselves, to find meaning, purpose and direction.
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22 Nov 2017

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74% of runners say running has improved their mental health

1 Nov 2017

Many runners claim that running helps them to manage mental health
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17 Oct 2017

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Celebrate National Map Reading Week this October

3 Oct 2017

Taking place 16th - 22nd October 2017
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New polymer 10 banknote enters circulation

18 Sep 2017

New note comes into circulation

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World car free day

18 Sep 2017

Sitch the car on 22nd September

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Cycling UK calls for greater public awareness of 'car dooring'

11 Sep 2017

Charity wants to promote 'dutch reach'

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Innercycle - Mental Health, cycling, therapy and vocational qualifications

Posted on in Business News, Cycles News, Outdoor News

Innercycle is a new charity, which from early 2018 will be working across the UK to help support those 18+ who are living with mental health concerns. 

We aim to give every client a unique package of support, which we recognise will organically develop over their time with us.  Clients will be able to access weekly sessions with a local therapeutic practitioner free of charge and a vocational advisor will be on hand to discuss employment or personal development options at all points in their journey. 

On the cycling side, we want to share the happiness that riding our bikes gives to us with our clients, but of course recognising that everyone will have their own challenges, fears, barriers and hopes for the therapeutic affects of riding.  Some of our clients may have never been on a bike before and others may be accomplished cyclists who are looking to reconnect and go further.  Through an initial entry questionnaire, we will ensure that we are a charity that takes cycling to the client and utilise the current, incredible infrastructure that exists in the UK to ensure this to happens. 

We are looking for support within the cycling world to help us with our vision.  From allowing our clients to access bikes for low cost options, providing 1:1 skills sessions, route planning around their local area or delivering on road cycle training sessions to allow greater mobility and perhaps an option to make commutable journey's by bike.  Thus connecting people with themselves, their communities, the environment and the other benefits that bike riding can offer.

If you might be interested in working with us to provide access to either equipment, services, staff/volunteers or even help us with fundraising, sponsorship and/or general awareness raising, then we would love to hear from you!

Please join the conversation on Facebook ( and Instagram (@_innercycle)

email me directly on

and check out our website:




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